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12C Platinum

1.99 usd

k&w12C Platinum calculator is a software emulation of the original HP12C Platinum. It implements all the features of the original version. HP12C is possibly the most successful financial calculator ever made.k&w12C Platinum is intended for business and administration students and professionals or any individual that might need a very versatile, simple and with a large number of financial functions calculator.Please to find out more about all functionalities of the calculator; please download the User’s Manual from: of Main Features: * Reverse Polish Notation (RPN) and Algebraic Notation (ALG) Calculator* Percentage functions: percentages, net amount, percent difference, and percent of total* Calendar functions: date format, future and past dates, number of days between dates* Basic financial functions: 5 financial registers to financial calculations, simple interest, cash flow, compound interested, amortization* Additional financial functions: Discounted cash flow analysis – Net Present Value NPV, Internal Rate of Return IRR, bond calculations, depreciation calculations – Straight-line SL, Sum-of-the-years SOYD, and Declining-balance DB depreciation methods* Statistics functions: Accumulating statistics, correcting accumulated statistics, mean, standard deviation, linear estimation, weighted mean*Mathematical functions: 1/x, √x, Ln x, ex, round x, x!, integer x, fractional x, x2, yx* Storage memory capacity: 20 registers* Cash flow memory capacity: 80 registers (no identical entries)* Program memory capacity: 400 steps* More...
Extended features compared to 12C* Reverse Polish Notation (RPN) and Algebraic Notation (ALG)* Mathematical function x2* More cash flow memory: 80 registers (no identical entries)* More program memory: 400 registers or steps
In addition to providing all the functionality of HP 12C, k&w12C Platinum financial calculator has the following extra features:Portrait and Landscape orientation – automaticKey vibration – selectable by userKey click sound – selectable by userKey glow – selectable by user2 different keyboard background mask (silver and black) – selectable by userMemories (Cash Flow and Storage) are independent of Program Memory – defaultCash Flow Registers might be independent of Storage Memory – user selectableSupports different screen sizes
If you need any help, have any questions, or find any software defects, please feel free to email